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Influence and Reach

CEA has never been more present in the national media, on Parliament Hill and in Washington. Governments and regulators turn to CEA for insight and leadership. Policy makers regularly seek input from CEA on public policy areas such as environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, security and infrastructure protection, trade and finance and tax policy. CEA routinely interacts with regulators on issues related to jurisdiction, standards, power quality, real estate, joint use structures, telecommunications, health and safety, and smart grid technology. CEA is an effective forum for collective action on shared issues.


CEA has a multi-year advocacy plan in place that is broadening CEA's sphere of influence and building support for investment to replace aging infrastructure and meet growing demand for electricity. The plan is based on research that mapped the scope, scale and economics of the infrastructure built to 2020. Included are regionalized public education initiatives that respond to CEA's market research on the value of electricity; the education of informed consumers softens public opinion with respect to government support for investment.


CEA is a thought-leader. CEA is collaborating with members on a long-term vision for Canada's electricity industry. It is incumbent upon the industry to articulate the supportive public policy and regulatory conditions needed to assure reliability while reducing the carbon intensity of the Canadian (and North American) economy in the years to come.

Benefits for All Members

  • CEA opens doors for the industry to engage with key government stakeholders on policy issues that impact the industry.
  • CEA ensures Canadian electricity interests are promoted in U.S. policy discussions through its U.S. Affairs program.
  • CEA offers industry targeted programs, including prestigious awards.
  • CEA's Sustainable Electricity CompanyTM designation provides a tangible and visible demonstration of commitment to sustainability for those eligible. 
  • CEA provides forums for connecting with other members, enhancing awareness and knowledge of critical issues and facilitating collaboration.
  • Members are included in CEA's Annual Membership Directory.
  • Members are eligible for discounts on CEA advertising opportunities.
  • CEA maintains one of the most comprehensive historical databases of reliability and outage statistics available to the industry with over 30 years of records available. The data is available as a separate pay-for-use service.

CEA offers two member categories to address the needs and diverse interests of stakeholders operating within the electricity industry. 
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