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Winners announced for Canada's First Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards

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Vancouver, British Columbia - October 29, 2014. The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA), in partnership with Plug'n Drive, was pleased to present Canada’s first-ever Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards to three Canadian car dealerships demonstrating leadership in the promotion and sale of electric vehicles in Canada.


Presenting the awards were CEA President and CEO Jim R. Burpee and Plug’n Drive President and CEO Cara Clairman at the EV 2014 VÉ Electric Vehicles Conference and Trade Show in Vancouver, Canada’s biggest annual electric vehicle event:







  • Leading Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) Dealership Award
    Park Avenue Nissan Brossard (Brossard, Québec)
    Accepted by Luc Fournier, General Director
  • Leading Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) Dealership Award
    Bourgeois Chevrolet (Rawdon, Québec)
    Accepted by Mr. Samuel Jeanson, Co-owner
  • Electric Vehicle Dealership Inspiration Award
    Loch Lomond Mitsubishi (Saint John, New Brunswick)
    Accepted by Mr. Fred Chamberlain, General Manager


“We’re marking history today,” said Mr. Burpee. “The use of electricity as a transportation fuel is expected to be a transformational force in the evolution of our electricity grid. Today’s winners are to be counted among the electric vehicle pioneers on the leading edge of electrified and sustainable transportation.”


Electric vehicles represent the potential for a sustainable transportation industry. Emitting up to 90 per cent less carbon dioxide than gas-powered cars, depending on the electricity source, these vehicles are environmentally-friendly. Electric vehicle owners also enjoy the financial benefits of significantly lower fuel and maintenance costs compared to gas cars.


“The faster Canadians adopt electric cars the sooner we maximize their environmental and economic benefits,” said Ms. Clairman. “Informed dealerships that are motivated to offer electric vehicle choices for customers and help drivers make the switch truly make a difference in the collective effort to overcome technology and market barriers in these early years.”


The Canadian Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards Program is a joint initiative between the Canadian Electricity Association and Plug'n Drive. The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) National is a major sponsor. Electric Mobility Canada is the hosting sponsor. Supporting sponsors include Cross Chasm Technologies, MARCON, New Car Dealers of British Columbia and Sun Country Highway.


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For more about the annual Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards program, visit www.electricvehicleawards.ca.


To download a PDF of this news release, click here.