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Since 1978 CEA has provided a centralized system for collecting reliability and outage statistics on behalf of the electricity industry and now has one of the most comprehensive historical records available.

The CEA Analytics Program provides for the ongoing collection, analysis and annual reporting on the reliability of Canada’s power generation, transmission and distribution system. The program has two goals:

  • to provide an accurate and comprehensive performance picture of the electricity system across the country
  • to help its participating member utilities to improve their system and equipment performance, realize increased operational efficiencies, enhance employee safety and customer satisfaction as well as reduce costs.

The CEA Analytics group works together with participating organizations to develop the agenda and work plans for the Analytics Program by reviewing relevant topics, conducting data analysis, assessing industry/utility trends and considering the ongoing activities of participant organizations. Workshops, meetings, and a collaborative web-platform help foster the sharing of knowledge, innovation and performance improvement.

Participation in the Analytics Program is open to CEA members and non-members alike as a fee-for-service option and entitles companies to participate in committees, set the direction of future work and enjoy the benefits of data analysis that is gathered each year.

There are four main data collection and reporting areas within the Analytics group:

  • Power Generation Equipment (continuous operation status, failures, outages)
  • Power Transmission Equipment (line/transformer/circuit breaker failures & causes)
  • Distribution Service Continuity (frequency/duration/cause of interruptions, reliability index)
  • Bulk Electricity System (integrated generation and transmission system outages, failures)

Analytics Reports are generated annually in each of these areas and are available for a fee.

For more information on how you can get involved in the Analytics Program, please contact us at analytics@electricity.ca.

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