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Canadian Gas Association

Founded in 1907, the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) is the voice of Canada’s natural gas distribution industry. Its members are distribution companies, transmission companies, equipment manufacturers and other service providers. CGA works with the natural gas industry to build the understanding of natural gas; advance efficiency and innovation in the energy and economy discourse; drive for improved regulatory engagement; ensure continuous improvements in safety and integrity management; and pursue partnerships to better deliver energy services to Canadians.



Energy Regulation Quarterly 


The mission of the Energy Regulation Quarterly (ERQ) is to provide a forum for debate and discussion on issues surrounding the regulated energy industries in Canada including decisions of regulatory tribunals, related legislative and policy actions and initiatives and actions by regulated companies and stakeholders. ERQ is intended to be balanced in its treatment of the issues. Authors are drawn from a roster of individuals with diverse backgrounds who are acknowledged leaders in the field of regulated energy industries and whose contributions to the ERQ will express their independent views on the issues.


ERQ was first published in November 2013. Read the journal online, or contact jibrahim@erquarterly.ca to be added to the distribution list for a hard copy.


CEA and CGA are founding sponsors of Energy Regulation Quarterly (ERQ). ?



Stimulating Innovation on Behalf of Canada's Electricity and Natural Gas Utilities


Innovation in the natural gas and electric utility industries promises benefits for customers in the form of improved reliability, energy cost savings, environmental benefits, and economic growth. Innovation involves activities that span invention, commercialization, and ultimately deployment of new technologies and business processes. While the private sector is a primary engine for innovation, the government also plays a critical role. In light of the benefits to customers and society at large from utility innovation, regulators and utilities should take appropriate actions to ensure that regulatory frameworks encourage utility innovation. This paper examines the roles that Canada’s utilities and regulators can play to promote innovation. It offers a framework to consider the roles for government, utilities, and other private-sector entities in innovation.


Download the PDF here.


CEA and CGA are joint sponsors of this discussion paper prepared by a U.S. based consultancy, Concentric Energy Advisors.?



Let's Talk Energy

Let's Talk Energy is a national program that aims to enhance energy awareness and literacy among Canadians to contribute to a sustainable energy future. An initiative of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, Let’s Talk Energy brings together a national network of partners and advisors to inform and engage Canadians on energy topics to support them in making informed choices. The initiative works to:


  • Improve energy literacy amongst Canadians;
  • Maximizing the number of Canadians engaged in a dialogue on Canada's energy future;
  • Engage Canadians in the important role science and technology plays and has played in shaping Canada’s energy past, present and future.


Talk Energy Week


Talk Energy Week, Canada’s annual energy awareness week, invites Canadians to explore and discuss how energy is connected to their lives, and the importance of energy systems and their elements to our economic, social, and environmental future. Led by the Let’s Talk Energy program, this initiative invites all Canadians to explore energy systems and their elements, and the relationship between energy, the Canadian economy and the environment.


CEA is happy to have sponsored the past two iterations of Talk Energy Week, in 2014 and 2015.


Network for Business Sustainability

A powerful and growing network of international academic experts and business leaders, the Network for Business Sustainability (NBS) produces executive tools and reports based on the best academic research. Equipped with these credible, comprehensive insights, sustainability practitioners can confidently make informed decisions about their sustainability programs and initiatives.
The NBS uses knowledge to bridge the communities of research and industry to improve business sustainability. NBS research is conducted according to the most rigorous method of scientific inquiry. As part of its participation in the NBS, CEA is happy to share NBS resources to help inform sustainability practices in the electricity industry. Click here for a list of resources and reports from the NBS.

CEA is proud to participate in the NBS.   

Plug'n Drive

Plug’n Drive is a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the adoption of electric cars to maximize their environmental and economic benefits. To help drivers make the switch, Plug’n Drive is focused on three key programs: 1. Education; 2. Home Charging Infrastructure; and, 3. Public Charging Infrastructure.
Plug’n Drive has collaborated with partners to build home charging infrastructure, through the Charge My Car @Home online portal that helps electric vehicle drivers install charging stations at home; as well as public charging infrastructure, through Charge My Car on the Road, an open network of electric vehicle charging stations that will serve Ontario’s drivers and be interoperable with systems in other provinces. The organization also maintains a Charger Map of all the publicly accessible charging stations in Canada. Plug’n Drive also takes its work on the road with the “EV Roadshow,” a series of events designed to engage drivers and increase public awareness about electric cars and their environmental and economic benefits.

CEA has collaborated with Plug’n Drive to create the Electric Vehicle Awards. For more information, click here.




Pollution Probe

Pollution Probe is a national, non-profit organization that exists to improve the health and well-being of Canadians by advancing policy that achieves positive, tangible environmental change. Established in 1969, Pollution Probe is one of Canada’s longest-serving and most respected environmental organizations.


Energy Exchange


Energy Exchange, a division of Pollution Probe, is dedicated to advancing energy literacy in Canada. It aspires to a future in which Canadians are united in their energy prosperity, rather than divided by their energy options. Energy Exchange sees energy literacy at the core of a sustainable future for Canada. It is committed to fostering an energy culture that will ensure that Canada’s immense and varied energy wealth is used to build a rich and diversified economy and a vibrant and prosperous society. Energy Exchange produces the biannual Energy Exchange Magazine, and the Primer on Energy Systems in Canada.


CEA is happy to support Energy Exchange, and holds a spot on the Energy Exchange Magazine editorial board.


QUEST - Quality Urban Energy Systems of Tomorrow

QUEST is a collaborative network of stakeholders who are actively working to make Canada a leader in the design, development and implementation of Integrated Community Energy Solutions.

Integrated Community Energy Solutions (ICES) are all about creating smart energy communities by linking energy across land use, buildings, transportation, waste, water, and related infrastructure.

Since 2007, QUEST has been the national voice for ICES in Canada and it continues to engage in applied research, policy analysis, outreach and capacity building to assist communities, utilities and the broader community-building sector in transforming Canada’s 5,400 communities into smart energy communities using ICES.

CEA is a founding and continuing partner of QUEST.


Women for Nature

Nature Canada’s Women for Nature initiative is a network of influential women whose experiences and passion for nature bring real leadership to the cause of nature conservation in Canada.


The 80+ women who have joined Nature Canada in this initiative are a driving force in Canadian society and are at the heart of efforts to engage and empower Canadians to save species, protect habitats, and connect children to nature. CEA is a proud supporter of the Women for Nature Network because it provides a forum through which these women can work together, forge partnerships, collaborate, and encourage the kind of leadership needed to ensure Canada’s natural heritage continues to be protected and preserved for future generations. CEA has many stories to share about the biodiversity and stewardship efforts underway in the electricity sector and cherishes this unique opportunity to learn about similar initiatives in other industries, and to collaborate on ways to work together to further champion nature conservation efforts.


CEA is a sponsor of the Women for Nature initiative, and CEA Vice President Sandra Schwartz is a founding member of the network. To read Sandra’s blog on the topic, and how the electricity sector is committed to preserving Canada’s natural heritage, click here.