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Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards Program Sponsors


The Canadian Electricity Association and Plug’n Drive thank the volunteers and sponsors whose contributions of time, expertise and resources make the Canadian Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards Program possible. 

Sponsors are recognized below and will also be recognized with their logo on the CEA and Plug’n Drive websites and in CEA and Plug’n Drive communications such as stakeholder and member newsletters and media releases.

If your organization is interested in being one of this year’s sponsors, be sure to get in touch!



Major Sponsor Contributing Sponsors


Canadian Automobile Assocation (CAA) National



Cross Chasm Technologies




Contributing Sponsors Welcome




Interested in Sponsorships?

If you have questions about the Canadian Electric Vehicle Dealership Awards Program, please contact Plug’n Drive for assistance:

Brian Millar
Communications Advisor
Plug'n Drive
Tel.: 647 717 6941
Cell: 647 780 6806
Email: brian@plugndrive.ca