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Industry Data


Data World

A wealth of data on the electricity industry is available on the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA)’s PowerForTheFuture website. There you will find graphs, charts, maps, and statistics about:

  • electricity generation in Canada;
  • electricity transmission and distribution;
  • electricity demand in Canada;
  • electricity and the environment;
  • electricity trade between Canada and the U.S.;
  • the economic value of electricity;
  • electricity pricing; and,
  • investment in electricity.

Click here to visit Data World on PowerForTheFuture.ca.

Download the pdf here


Electricity Pricing

Looking for information and statistics on electricity pricing? In addition to the data found on Data World, CEA has created a section on PowerForTheFuture.ca that provide Canadians with background on what drives electricity pricing across the country. This section features an interactive map of Canada that compares the cost of electricity to the price of other products and services that Canadians buy. Click on your province or territory to view a chart comparing the average daily household cost of electricity to that of other goods and services, using data from Statistics Canada.

Click here to visit Electricity Pricing in Canada on PowerForTheFuture.ca.



Fact Sheets

CEA also maintains an Electricity 101 presentation that includes all the data found on Data World, as well as two fact sheets:



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