Conversation Series: The network security challenges and solutions facing utilities in the deployment of cellular networks

July 7, 2022

1:00 pm EDT


The utilities infrastructure as a whole is seeing radical changes. Part of those changes is the shift to digitalization and the integration of telecommunications-based systems. This shift in particular will pose its own set of challenges for utilities including changes to network architecture, network security, and cellular network integration. The biggest challenge of all is maintaining network security as utilities advance their connectivity to integrate cellular networks and branch out on their IoT use and expand their supply chain. The increasing adoption of wireless network systems in utilities, the increased shift to remote work, and the now bidirectional flow of information between utilities and consumers have expanded the threat landscape of cybersecurity attacks against utilities. Join Ericsson’s utility experts as they discuss where utilities stand in terms of their adoption of cellular network technologies, their awareness of their systems vulnerabilities, and their interests in fortifying their network security.

EC Conversation Series

Event Host

  • Faran MirzaCorporate Partners Program and Sponsorships, Electricity Canada


  • Steve LoweUtilities Sales Director, Ericsson North America
  • Ken KaminskiDirector, Private Networks Security Solutions, Networks, Ericsson North America

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