Indigenous Relations

Electricity Canada is committed to engaging Indigenous Peoples to nurture meaningful, long-term relationships.

Our Priorities

  • Project partnerships / joint ventures
  • Education, training, and employment
  • Supply chain procurement
  • Community investments
  • Meaningful and early consultation
  • Clean and affordable energy solutions
  • Cultural awareness training for management and staff

The Canadian electricity industry is committed to building strong, mutually beneficial relationships that advance economic reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Over the last several decades, Electricity Canada members have demonstrated their commitment to reconciliation through a range of initiatives, including conducting meaningful early consultations with local Indigenous communities; providing equitable access to employment, education, and training; taking part in infrastructure project partnerships/joint ventures; and providing intercultural competency training for company management and staff. These initiatives are fundamental in moving toward genuine reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.

Our Initiatives

Support Business Partnerships

Governments at all levels should “enable” business partnership arrangements between electricity companies and Indigenous communities through their policy and regulatory structures that would drive economic development, access to clean energy, employment, and supply chain opportunities.

Provide Funding Support

The federal government should partner with electricity companies interested in building infrastructure in remote and northern communities to advance clean energy solutions and achieve Canada’s Net-Zero by 2050 target.

Consult Industry on the UNDRIP “Action Plan” Process

The federal government should consider establishing sector-specific dialogues on issues that could have implications for industry engagement with Indigenous communities.

The electricity industry is a major economic driver for many Indigenous communities across Canada.

This includes joint ventures, supplying goods and services, and employment and training. According to Accelerating Transition, a recent report by Indigenous Clean Energy, there are nearly 2,500 Indigenous-affiliated clean energy projects in operation or in planning stages, including 197 medium- to-large renewable generation projects. Looking ahead, the Conference Board of Canada estimates that the electricity industry will need to invest roughly $1.7 trillion by 2050 to ensure a resilient, low- carbon energy future. This unprecedented investment the industry must undertake represents a tremendous opportunity for Indigenous communities.


For further information, please contact Channa S. Perera, Electricity Canada's Vice President of Regulatory and Indigenous Affairs.