Women in Electricity Award

The Women in Electricity Award recognizes an individual or team in their extraordinary resolve in advancing women in utility organizational structures, company processes, and outcomes that result in more women working in organizations across Canada. The award will be presented at Electricity Canada’s Labour Relations Symposium event.

Past Recipients

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Tiffany Hoskins (Business Partner, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion), Erin Jolicoeur (HR Business Partner), Gary Woods (Vice President Gas & Renewables) TransAlta Corporation

TransAlta Corporation employees Erin Jolicoeur - HR Business Partner, Tiffany Hoskins – Business Partner, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Gary Woods - Vice President Gas are the winners of the 2023 Women in Electricity Award. They received the award for their commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion through a number of programs including developing a project to train and develop the skills of women, reworking TransAlta’s scholarships at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology to include gender diversity, and working with TransAlta leadership to ensure equity in wages with new hires. These efforts have all led to inclusionary outcomes that result in more women working for more electricity providers not just for TransAlta, but across Canada.


For further information, please contact Sylvia Spears, Electricity Canada's Executive Assistant to the President and Membership Services Officer.