Benefits of Membership

Electricity Canada provides its members with value-added products and services to advance the strategic interests of Canada’s electricity industry.

Our association ensures numerous networking opportunities annually with fellow members and Corporate Partners. In addition to our domestic advocacy efforts, members also have access to a successful U.S. Affairs program which includes a Washington Policy Forum every Spring.

Be considered for distinguished electricity awards including:

Ensure access to specialized events including:

  • Electricity Canada’s Regulatory Forum in collaboration with CAMPUT
  • Spring Policy Symposium
  • Centre of Excellence innovation events
  • Powering Partnerships
  • Electricity Canada’s Conversation Series Webinars
  • CS Week

Enjoy member discounts:

We in the north, can often be isolated from industry trends. And we really get a lot of benefit from learning best practices and the strength of speaking collectively as an industry across Canada when reaching out to government and key stakeholders.