Ontario Mutual Assistance Program (OnMAG) is a single point of contact for utilities to request & offer mutual assistance resources when damaging events occur within a member’s service territory. It is subscription based and member led.

OnMAG is a not-for-profit Membership Group open to utilities across Ontario. Its purpose is to deliver assistance to members in time of crisis.

Why OnMAG?

OnMAG helps that community keep the lights on.Member led and managed by Electricity Canada, this program is a single point of contact for utilities to request and offer assistance resources.

How does it work?

When an OnMAG member requests aid through the Hotline, an alert is issued inviting all members to coordinate a group response.

Value to Members

  • With one call a member can receive aid from multiple utilities across the province.
  • An agreement governed by Ontario provincial laws with respect to salaries and wages, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, employer’s liability insurance, and all other contingencies.
  • Records Management handled by the Electricity Canada OnMAG coordinator on an annual basis.
  • Emergency response exercises and training for members scheduled periodically throughout the calendar year.
  • Quarterly OnMAG meetings where participants share storm restoration experiences, lessons learned, new technologies, and networking with counterparts across the province.


For further information, please contact Shelley Levoy, Electricity Canada's Manager, Distribution & Mutual Assistance.