U.S. Affairs

Electricity Canada’s U.S. Affairs program works on behalf of its members in support of this positive and mutually beneficial Canada-U.S. electricity relationship.

There are 31 transmission lines that connect the U.S. and Canada, providing electricity to millions of Americans and Canadians.

Working together, U.S. - Canada electricity trade and integration delivers a more resilient, clean and affordable system for everyone.

Mutual benefits

The U.S - Canada electricity partnership strengthens the electricity industries of both countries by making them...

Greener together:

  • Canadian electricity is abundant, clean and reliable
  • Electricity trade with Canada increases balancing potential for U.S. variable renewables
  • Over 84% of Canadian electricity is generated by non-emitting sources, mainly hydropower

More resilient together:

  • Connections increase supply diversity and resilience
  • Mutual assistance helps electricity providers in both countries to restore power faster to customers after a major outage
  • Working together, both Canada and the U.S. offer enhanced vigilance against security and cybersecurity threats

More affordable together:

  • Approximately 30 states engage in electricity trade with Canada to meet demand efficiently
  • Cross-border electricity trade can offer enormous cost savings
  • Over 70 TWh of electricity flows across the U.S. - Canada border, which represents a trade relationship of over $3 billion

What we do

Canadians and Americans can count on electricity. That’s why Electricity Canada is here to support the cross-border relationship between Canada and the U.S. We are here to ensure that the right people are talking with each other—regulators, policy makers and electricity providers.

Through these important connections, Electricity Canada can ensure that both countries are working together towards our common goals through our own distinct approaches. These beneficial relationships help to ensure that both countries can actively plan for an electrified future together.

Electricity Canada also plays an active role in working with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), facilitating regulatory standards development along with other industry companies and stakeholders to achieve a more resilient and reliable grid. By providing Canadian industry perspectives to NERC, Electricity Canada actively promotes stronger and more effective standards for grid reliability.

Our programs include:

  • The Washington policy forum – an annual opportunity for U.S. policy makers and regulators to connect with Canadian electricity providers and understand the benefits of working together
  • Regular engagement with policy makers on vital issues facing cross-border transmission and trade of electricity, as well as ensuring evolving reliability measures.
  • Organizing a regular series of events aimed at building strong relationships between regulators, policymakers, our member companies, and other stakeholders working towards common goals.
  • Acting as a professional and trusted resource for policy and industry information, including participation in:
    • United States policy briefings for stakeholders
    • U.S. Congress hearings and Commission studies
    • Educational webinars and forums concerning U.S. leadership, elections, and other major legislative concerns


For further information, please contact Robin Yee, Electricity Canada's US Affairs Manager.