U.S. Affairs

Electricity Canada’s U.S. Affairs program works on behalf of its members in support of this positive and mutually beneficial Canada-U.S. electricity relationship.

Electricity Canada members trade electricity with the U.S. across an integrated electricity grid. They work with their U.S. counterparts to help ensure customers on both sides of the border can depend on reliable and secure electricity. This trade, cooperation and integration contributes to more safe, reliable, affordable and increasingly clean electricity to power the lives and businesses of Canadians and Americans.

This includes engagement with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center and the Electricity Subsector Coordinating Council, advocacy with U.S. policymakers, relationship building with diverse stakeholders, and hosting events and webinars.

Power More Together

Visit “Power More Together” Electricity Canada’s U.S. Affairs website to learn more about the integrated North American Energy Grid.