March 8, 2019 / By Ann Kelly

Celebrating Women in Energy

On International Women’s Day, we celebrate the success and progress made in the energy sector. More specifically, we celebrate the progress made in the electricity industry that has seen our workplaces become more welcoming and inclusive to a diverse workforce. While we still have work to do to achieve gender parity, our industry is taking steps to ensure women consider careers in the energy sector.

Policies, programs and initiatives have been established within our member companies and supported and encouraged across the organization, resulting in more women in leadership, Board positions and a pipeline of talented women in management roles that will ensure continued growth. When women are involved, businesses thrive – this is evident in the energy sector.

Our sector is poised for change. The demand for electricity is set to increase as our country moves towards greater electrification. Technological change is evident in everything we do from generating, transmitting and delivering electricity to Canadians and providing mobile applications for our customers! Our member companies are anticipating and preparing to face this exciting future. Women will be at the forefront of these changes. We are also seeing more and more women enter STEM jobs and filling technical and engineering positions. As well, CEA’s initiative to establish a National Lineworker Appreciation Day has provided us with the opportunity to hear about women working as overhead and underground lineworkers for our member companies.

I am currently working with Diversity champions from across our member companies, as CEA works to draft a Diversity and Inclusion Commitment for the sector. It has been inspiring for me to work with this dedicated group of individuals – women from nine CEA member companies – who understand the value that diversity of thought, experience and attitudes can add to an organization. I look forward to working with our members as this commitment is solidified. Diversity will be our strength!

And so, as a woman who has had the opportunity to work in this industry for almost 15 years and witness progress towards diversity and inclusion, I am excited to say – Happy International Women’s Day to all my friends and colleagues in Energy.