Report / September 29, 2022

Sustainable Electricity Report 2019-20- Renewal 2021: Renewing our commitments, strategies and infrastructure

During 2019/2020, carbon emissions from generating power decreased, while there were the lowest number of power interruptions to date. These are just a couple of highlights from Electricity Canada’s Sustainable Electricity Annual report for 2019/2020.

The Sustainable Electricity program is mandatory for all Electricity Canada members and is integral to addressing issues in sustainability within the electricity sector, as well as for developing best practices from an environmental, social, economic, and governance perspective. This annual report of the program offers an in-depth look into the work of Electricity Canada’s members during 2019/2020 to advance sustainability within the electricity sector.



Sustainable Electricity

Electricity Canada members are committed to providing electricity services to current and future customers in a sustainable, safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner.