Report / December 1, 2019

Sustainable Electricity Annual Report 2019

This report quantifies and discusses performance by the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) members – on a range of metrics organized under five reporting pillars – for calendar 2018 and at least three preceding years. It describes CEA’s support for its members’ pursuit of sustainability and includes case studies illustrating specific member efforts to advance towards this objective.

The five reporting pillars were adopted in 2016 following a CEA materiality assessment. The objective was to identify those aspects of the Canadian electricity industry’s performance that are both most likely to significantly influence its future success, and of most interest to its stakeholders. This exercise also involved a reconsideration of which specific metrics provide the best basis for assessing member performance in relation to each pillar, and in some cases a refinement of the specific nature and scope of the metrics.

Data in this report therefore typically extends back to 2015, although in some cases further, and the disclosure timeframe will continue to be extended in future reports. Refinement of data collection, verification and analysis is ongoing each year, and in some cases has led to a restatement of results previously reported for years prior to 2018.

Given the breadth and size of the CEA membership, the results reported are broadly reflective of national industry performance.

CEA has attempted to capture and communicate member performance in a balanced fashion, including commentary on performance trends and on the reporting framework from a multi-stakeholder Public Advisory Panel (see page 12). Reader feedback is welcome and can be
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Sustainable Electricity

Electricity Canada members are committed to providing electricity services to current and future customers in a sustainable, safe, reliable, and cost-effective manner.