Report / April 25, 2022

The Grid 2022: The Accelerated Issue

If there’s one thing that best describes the mood in the electricity sector right now, it’s “urgency”. There are huge climate goals for Canada in the years ahead, looming closer and closer; a Net Zero electricity grid by 2035 and a Net Zero economy by 2050.

Accelerate – our 2022 theme – was inspired by that sense of urgency. But that begs the question: what can we do, as an industry, to meet these challenges?

The answer is simple. Everything.

We need to create the technology of tomorrow to decarbonize
our planet.

We need to hire the diverse and inclusive workforce to gain better perspectives to drive our industry forward.

We need to rethink our current regulatory regimes so that we build
for the future we want instead of the future we have.

We need to collaborate.

To bring about all this, our venerable association in its 131st year thas shed its old skin and rebranded as Electricity Canada. The new brand signals that we want to be leaders, bringing about – as our new tagline says – Our Energy Future. Witnessing this brand come to life over the past couple of months has reaffirmed how essential it is to raise the voices of our members and their customers to create a more sustainable future.

This edition of The Grid magazine emphasizes the goals, successes, and challenges of acceleration in the electricity industry. I hope you find these stories compelling as we move towards a better future.



Net Zero by 2050

Electricity Canada is working with the Government of Canada and member companies to develop strategies to achieve Canada’s Net Zero by 2050 targets. Review Electricity Canada’s actions to address Net Zero by 2050 here.