Guide / April 6, 2021

Guide to Adaptation Planning for Electricity Companies in Canada: Verification Report

Executive Summary

Canada’s climate is changing, as is the frequency, intensity, and duration of extreme weather events. These changes can pose significant risks for electricity companies, some of which are so significant that they are termed “enterprise risks”. These kinds of risks must be managed actively because of their ability put the business itself in peril.

To help Canada’s electricity companies adapt to the “new normal”, and manage the risks posed by climate and extreme weather changes, CEA created “Climate Change and Extreme Weather: A Guide to Adaptation Planning for Electricity Companies in Canada”. This document guides companies through an enterprise risk management (ERM) framework of how to identify, assess and plan how to manage the risks to electricity infrastructure posed by climate and weather.

As the climate continues to change, so too will the risks. To help companies assess the readiness of their plans, CEA also created the “Verification Protocol”. This document allows companies to evaluate their adaptation plans and verify that key risks are properly considered.

CEA created this guide with the support of Natural Resources Canada and CEA member companies.

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Climate Change Adaptation

Electricity Canada and its members are committed to adapting electricity infrastructure to the effects of climate change.