Annual Reporting

Electricity Canada compiles data from its member companies annually to support industry-wide benchmarking and drive safety culture improvements.


Statistics are a tool to understand safety-related matters in the electrical industry. The frequency and severity of injuries offer insight into the challenges utilities have been, or are, experiencing. Tracking these statistics allows utilities to identify focused areas to target and helps them develop and refine strategies to reduce injuries and incidents.

Electricity Canada’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee’s Safety Performance Sub Committee maintains and revises the standard applied by member companies to ensure consistent reporting and reliable performance benchmarking across the industry. This document is based on Electricity Canada reporting requirements unique to the industry but is consistent with recognized external standards where applicable.

Key Messages

  • Health and safety remain a paramount concern as the electricity industry and its processes continue to evolve. Electricity Canada member companies are committed to preventing and mitigating health and safety incidents and challenges.
  • Electricity Canada member companies strive individually and in collaboration to improve their work methods, education, and training to create a culture of safety.