Canadian Electricity Association calls for National Lineworker Appreciation Day

Ottawa (October 2, 2018) – Today, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) launched a national campaign calling for federal legislation which would designate July 10th as National Lineworker Appreciation Day. Severe weather events from coast to coast to coast in 2018 have elevated the importance of lineworkers to ensure a steady supply of power to Canadians.

“These brave men and women face life-threatening hazards to get the job done, keep us safe and maintain the power that is the backbone of our lives and economy. Let’s take a day to acknowledge the risk and sacrifice required in the work they do and their commitment to see it through,” said Sergio Marchi, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association.

To mark CEA’s campaign, member companies from across Canada are hosting events to launch the campaign and to thank lineworkers for their dedication to the job. At Hydro Ottawa’s National Lineworker Appreciation Day kick-off event, Marchi noted, “These extraordinary group of men and women in Ottawa are replicated across our country, among all of our members. And they constantly overcome terrible and dangerous conditions, as they reignite the magic of electricity, which has become so central to our lives.”

For over a century, lineworkers have worked hard to build and maintain powerlines to ensure Canadians have access to reliable, affordable and clean energy. During extreme weather events such as freezing rain, snowstorms and tornados as was recently the case in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, lineworkers are on the job, exposed to dangerous elements as they repair essential infrastructure in high-risk conditions. This year, the Globe and Mail ranked lineworkers as having one of the 10 riskiest jobs in Canada.

CEA is inviting the public to sign a petition calling on the government to designate a National Lineworker Appreciation Day. The proposal aligns with the existing Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI) Lineman Appreciation Day in the United States, also on July 10th. In the months ahead, CEA will meet with parliamentarians and government officials to advocate for the tabling of legislation that would ensure lineworkers receive the appreciation they deserve.