Canadian electricity sector takes a major step to protect migratory birds and contribute to Canada’s international obligations

OTTAWA (March 20, 2018) – Today, in a major step to protect migratory birds and their nests, the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) released its Beneficial Management Practice (BMP) Guide, purposefully designed to encourage and facilitate action to conserve and minimize the impact of the electricity industry on migratory birds, their nests and eggs.

“The BMP was designed based on extensive, first-hand experience of electricity facility construction and operation across Canada. It represents a proactive approach to beneficial practices that meet the requirements set out in the Migratory Birds Convention Act (MBCA) and Canada’s international commitments,” said Bruce Cole, Manager, Environment, AltaLink, and Chair of the MBCA Task Group. “While the BMP was created with the intention of addressing interactions with migratory birds, the general applicability of this Guide will benefit all bird species.”

CEA’s BMP Guide was conscientiously developed by CEA and its member companies committed to delivering reliable, affordable, and sustainable electricity that directly support Canada's biodiversity goals. We encourage the federal government to continue to work closely with CEA to further strengthen this commitment, and support our work in this area.

“Energy is the foundation upon which Canada’s economy is built,” said Sergio Marchi, President and CEO, Canadian Electricity Association. “CEA members are tasked with designing, constructing and operating major facilities and the 4.7 million kilometres of electrical lines that safely, reliably and securely deliver electricity to Canadian homes and businesses from coast-to-coast-to-coast. They must continue to do this while simultaneously respecting and protecting the environment in which they operate.”

CEA introduced this essential document with the objective of finalizing relevant informational components through ongoing engagement with subject matter expert agencies, along with other stakeholders. CEA and its utility members will continue to work collaboratively, to continually improve their practices with the ultimate objective of enhancing the conservation of birds throughout Canada.

Click here to view CEA’s Beneficial Management Practices Guide.

Click here to view CEA’s Beneficial Management Practices Guide vlog.

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