CEA Comments on the Announcement of the U.S.-Canada Partnership Roadmap

February 24, 2021 (Ottawa) Cross border electricity cooperation and trade has powered Canadian and U.S. economies and homes with reliable, resilient, secure and increasingly clean energy for over 100 years.

This highly positive and mutually beneficial electricity partnership exemplifies how we all benefit when we work together. The integrated grid and electricity sector cooperation supports Canada-U.S. energy security and reliability. As Prime Minister Trudeau noted during yesterday’s press conference with President Biden, our integrated grid demonstrated its value just last week when SaskPower exported, at times, 175 megawatts of power to the U.S. via North Dakota to assist in the storm outage crisis.

And this is not unique, many Canadian companies engage in mutual assistance with American partners, helping to restore power in the aftermath of major weather events like this one.

Looking forward, there is no question that electricity will continue to play a central role in our combined economic growth and clean energy future as Canada and the U.S. work together to build back better. The Canada-U.S. electricity relationship can connect more clean and reliable electricity to demand, and can help create a cleaner and more robust economy for everyone.

We commend Prime Minister Trudeau and President Biden on the announcement of the U.S.-Canada Partnership Roadmap. The Roadmap recognizes the economic and energy security benefits of the bilateral energy relationship and its highly integrated infrastructure.

Canada’s electricity sector is working with our U.S. and Canadian partners to achieve a shared vision of an even more sustainable, reliable, and affordable electricity future. Together, we can achieve a brighter future that benefits all communities and helps us achieve our climate goals.


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