Electricity: A Safe Bet for Net Zero

CEA comments on report from Canadian Institute for Climate Choices

February 8, 2021 (Ottawa) Today, Francis Bradley, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association, made the following statement on the release of “Canada’s Net Zero Future” by the Canadian Institute of Climate Choices:

“As noted in today’s report on Canada’s Net Zero Future, electricity is a ‘safe bet’. We think it's the safest. But it won’t be successful without action. Today’s report demonstrates that the electricity sector requires succinct policy, including how we expand generation and grid infrastructure and develop a regulatory model to meet the needs of tomorrow.

Canada starts from a strong position and is already a world leader in clean power. More than 80% of the electricity produced is non-emitting and the sector has reduced GHG emissions by more than 45% since 2005. Between existing non-emitting technologies and “wildcard” new technologies, including hydrogen, small modular reactors, carbon capture and utilization, this sector will continue reducing emissions.

To get there, we need immediate action. Our sector stands ready to work with the Government to help reach Canada’s climate goals. Together we can expand electricity’s role in Canada’s energy mix in a way that is reliable, safe, affordable and sustainable.”


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