Electricity Canada leads strategic meetings on the future of 1.8 GHz spectrum

In early May, Electricity Canada recently held a series of strategic meetings to determine how we develop the 1.8 GHz spectrum, a digital frequency allocated exclusively to Canadian electricity companies for effectively managing their telecommunication networks. Building a future for the 1.8 GHz spectrum is essential for Canadian electricity companies. Our plan for success involves partnering with vendors to create a substantive device ecosystem to maximize our use of the 1.8 GHz spectrum. 

Held at BC Hydro’s headquarters in Vancouver, attendees included representatives from BC Hydro, AltaLink, FortisAlberta, Hydro Ottawa, Alectra Utilities, Hydro-Québec, and Hydro One. Their combined expertise and vision underscored the importance of shared strategies for utilizing the 1.8 GHz spectrum to its fullest extent. Such collaboration will advance digital transformation and enhance operational efficiency within the electric utility sector.  

The vendors at the event included Ubiik, Itron, Nokia, Druid, and GE Vernova. These companies highlighted innovative approaches to not only enhance the ecosystem's capabilities but also expand the possibilities for smart grid applications. Collaboration with these vendors signals the beginning of broader partnerships that will bolster the technological infrastructure Canada’s evolving electricity sector needs.   

The meetings laid the groundwork for a future where Canadian utilities will leverage the 1.8 GHz spectrum to build resilient, innovative, and efficient infrastructure, benefiting communities across the country. Key takeaways from these meetings included:

  • Electricity Canada’s members and partners/vendors have made noteworthy progress toward a future that harnesses the full potential of the 1.8 GHz spectrum.
  • Electricity Canada and its members will continue to seek out and attract other interested vendors into this evolving ecosystem and is committed to broadening the network of partners dedicated to this mission. 

"Bringing together such a diverse group of experts under one roof is a testament to the importance of this initiative," said Shelley Levoy, Manager, Distribution and Mutual Assistance at Electricity Canada.

"The 1.8 GHz spectrum is pivotal for Canadian electricity companies to navigate the challenges of the modern grid, and the collaboration we've seen this week demonstrates our collective commitment to realizing its potential."   

 "These meetings mark a pivotal moment for the Canadian electricity industry as we unite to shape the future of the 1.8 GHz ecosystem," said Channa S. Perera, Vice President of Regulatory and Indigenous Affairs, at Electricity Canada. "The enthusiastic participation of our esteemed member companies and visionary vendors underscores the shared commitment to innovation and collaboration driving our industry forward. Together, we are charting a course towards a more sustainable, resilient, and interconnected energy landscape."  

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