Electricity Canada’s 2022 Lifesaving Awards salutes courage

Ottawa (November 23) - From providing first aid to someone suffering from hypothermia, to preventing people from drowning in hydroelectric dams, to providing first aid in a serious motor vehicle accident, the 2022 recipients of Electricity Canada’s Lifesaving Awards have all shown extraordinary courage.

Now in its 100th year, the Lifesaving Awards are granted annually to any on-duty employee of an Electricity Canada member company who was involved in a lifesaving attempt or acted to prevent further harm to someone who needed immediate help. These individuals often risk their own lives to help a stranger in need. The Lifesaving Awards are presented as part of the Occupational Health and Safety program at Electricity Canada, designed to track and monitor safety records of member utilities.

This year’s awards were presented at the 5th annual Electricity Canada Powering Partnerships summit in Ottawa to nine individuals from four utilities, including:

Ontario Power Generation (OPG)– Enzo Napoli

  • While on shift at the OPG International Control Dam, Enzo noticed a woman fall into the water. Enzo immediately closed all inside gates, called 911, and used a life ring to keep the woman afloat and to pull her away from further danger in the water. He stayed with her, and ensured she was safe, until police and paramedics arrived to pull her out of the water.

NB Power – Darren Banks, Mitchell Vautour, James Jordon, Ben Hambrook

  • While on shift at the Mactaquac Dam, Darren, Mitchell, James, and Ben performed life saving measures to prevent a man from falling into the water and pulled him over the guard rail to safety.

SaskPower – Darrell Kalthoff

  • While driving home from his shift during a below 30-degree evening, Darrell saw an elderly man in a ditch. Darrell immediately pulled over and brought the man into his truck to preform first aid and hypothermia prevention.

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro - Jaycee Grandy, Greg Higdon, Chad Jefford

  • While returning from their shift, Jaycee, Greg, and Chad were the first to come across the scene of a serious motor vehicle collision that had resulted in several injuries. The four employees took action to transfer the injured into their hydro trucks, and immediately began administering first aid until first responders arrived.


“The nine workers being honoured with Electricity Canada’s 2022 Lifesaving Award stepped up in times of crisis. They didn’t panic. They took action, and saved lives. Congratulations to all of this year’s recipients — and proud to say that three of them are from Newfoundland & Labrador.”

-Seamus O'Reagan, Minister of Labour

“In the electricity industry, safety is always paramount to everything we do. These employees have bravely used their situational awareness and first aid training to help people in their communities and prevent potential tragedies.”

- Francis Bradley, President and CEO of Electricity Canada

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