Electricity Fundamentals in Canada online course offers in-depth knowledge of the electricity sector

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, Electricity Fundamentals in Canada (EFIC) is an easy-to-run online course that will provide you with in-depth knowledge of electricity and the electricity sector.

EFIC, which was launched earlier this month, was created by Electricity Canada under the guidance of industry experts. It is an online, self-paced post-secondary course that provides essential knowledge about electricity, how it works, and about the electricity industry in Canada. Topics include:

  • The basics of electricity
  • Generation
  • Transmission
  • Conservation
  • Distribution
  • The customer
  • Behind the meter
  • The industry
  • The future

With over 6 hours of content, each module includes both audio and video learning, complete with testing and scoring. It can be completed at the user’s own pace – in a day, or over time. It is available in both English and French.

Participants in EFIC who complete the course, will receive a Certificate of Completion from Electricity Canada.

To register for the Electricity Fundamentals in Canada course and receive access for one year, visit the EFIC page on the Electricity Canada website. The cost is $200 plus applicable taxes per student registration. Bulk purchase discounts are available, and Indigenous Students are eligible to take the course for free.

Electricity Fundamentals in Canada is supported by our founding sponsors Tantalus and Domino Highvoltage Supply.


“As we come ever closer to a Net Zero future, where electricity is a primary energy source in Canada, it is going to become ever more important to educate people about electricity and Canada’s electricity sector. That’s why Electricity Canada is proud to offer Electricity Fundamentals in Canada, a foundational course that will ensure that Canadians understand the importance of the electricity sector. EFIC covers the big picture of how the electricity sector works in Canada. It is something I wish had existed when I first entered the sector – but now future employees can access it with just a click of a mouse.”
Francis Bradley, CEO Electricity Canada