FortisAlberta receives two Electricity Canada lifesaving awards

Ottawa (November 21) – Two FortisAlberta employees, Dwain Hausherr and Justin Roberts, are being honoured with Electricity Canada’s 2023 Lifesaving Award for their assistance providing first aid on the scene at two different motor vehicle accidents before emergency services could arrive.

On January 9, 2023 Dwain Hausherr watched a half-ton truck lose control while rounding a corner on the highway just outside of Drayton Valley, Alberta during freezing rain. Dwain pulled over to call 911 and immediately made his way to the crash site. Dwain was able to cut the driver’s seat belt and get him out of the vehicle. He stayed with the injured driver until emergency services arrived.

On June 30, 2023, Justin Roberts was on his way to a work site when he was first on scene to an accident involving a motorcyclist who had hit a deer. Justin administered first aid to the victim, keeping him calm by talking to him while controlling severe bleeding and stabilizing his neck and body as 911 was called by bystanders.

Electricity Canada’s Lifesaving Awards are granted annually to any on-duty employee of a member utility who was involved in a lifesaving attempt or acted to prevent further harm to someone who needed immediate help. These individuals often risk their own lives to help a stranger in need. The Lifesaving Awards are presented as part of the Occupational Health and Safety program at Electricity Canada, designed to track and monitor safety records of member utilities.

This year’s awards were presented at the sixth annual Electricity Canada Powering Partnerships summit in Ottawa to 23 individuals from five utilities.


Every year, I am so inspired by the incredible, heroic people we have working for our member companies. It’s an honour to share their stories and thank them for their bravery. On behalf of Electricity Canada, I am proud to present this award Dwain and Justin who both provided necessary care to members of their community during a high stress situation. – Francis Bradley, President and CEO, Electricity Canada

Dwain and Justin’s selfless response reflects their personal character and compassion while at the same time demonstrating the safety-first culture we uphold at FortisAlberta. We are all very proud of their actions in administering aid to fellow Albertans in crisis and appreciate Electricity Canada’s recognition of their efforts. - Janine Sullivan, President and CEO, FortisAlberta

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