New Corporate Partners December 2021

HomeServe -

HomeServe is a leading provider of home repair solutions serving over 4.7 million customers across Canada and the US. We provide repair coverage for interior and exterior electrical systems, heating and cooling systems, gas lines, water heaters, water and sewer lines and in-home plumbing for Canadian homeowners.

A recent survey of Canadian homeowners found that, while many have experienced a home repair emergency over the past year, a significant number of them have little to no money set aside to cover such a repair, raising serious concerns about the detrimental impact such a repair could have on homeowners’ financial wellbeing. In addition to finding financial unpreparedness, the survey also uncovered that the majority of homeowners are unaware that they would be responsible for several common home repair emergencies including external electrical systems and water /sewer lines on their property. Given that so many homeowners are unaware of their responsibility, it is not surprising that, when asked, the vast majority (88%) of homeowners believe their utility should help educate homeowners about their responsibilities.

Our no-deductible plans give homeowners reliable access to local, trusted, certified contractors who can quickly complete repairs, freeing homeowners from the financial burden and inconvenience that come with these repair emergencies. We have helped participating homeowners across North America save more than $192 million in emergency repair costs over the last three years. These are repairs that homeowners otherwise would have had to pay for out-of-pocket without a repair plan.