New Corporate Partners February 2021

Aucto -

Aucto provides utilities with an online asset recovery platform.

A lot of surplus assets end up as scrap or gather dust in a warehouse. Your other option likely involves working with intermediaries such as auctioneers and brokers, but they take a significant slice (typically 40%) of any value realized. What’s worse, they give you little or no visibility or control of the process of liquidating your assets.

Aucto has changed the game by making it easy for utilities like yours to sell surplus assets with full control and transparency. Aucto’s AI-enabled cloud-based platform and mobile app enable you to sell assets direct to buyers, via competitive online auctions or tenders. Aucto’s Marketing Engine uses a full suite of internet and database marketing technology to bring qualified and motivated buyers from around the globe to your sale event and handles all the transactions for you. You can integrate Aucto into your Asset Management, Finance, and Supply Chain platforms, creating an end-to-end asset lifecycle solution.

Utilities like Salt River, Dominion, Santee Cooper, and WEL already use the platform to recover value from over 2500 product categories that cover capital assets, spare parts inventory, and even scrap commodities. Sellers using Aucto’s best practices typically sell more than 95% of the assets they list for sale and can convert their assets into cash in as little as 2 weeks.

Best of all, Aucto does not charge you a fee to sell your assets. We charge successful buyers a 10% “Buyer’s Premium”, which means that we succeed when you succeed – our interests are completely aligned with yours.

Of course, you can use Aucto’s optional service offerings, such as Project Management or Cataloging, for which we charge a fee that can be deducted from the proceeds of your sale.

To learn more about Aucto, visit or call Jeff Kryzanowsky at 437-214-5273

Forest Technology Systems (FTS) -

Forest Technology Systems (FTS) is a leading manufacturer of remote environmental monitoring solutions including systems, instrumentation, telemetry, communications, and associated software technology for Wildfire (risk mitigation), Hydrology (water/dam reservoir management), and Meteorology (weather forecasting) applications.

Our technology forms the backbone of some of the world’s most sophisticated and demanding environmental monitoring networks. For example, for the past 40 years, we have supported wildfire agencies in North America and Australia with Remote Automated Weather Stations to capture weather data using scientific-grade sensors for calculating the wildfire risk as part of the USA’s National Fire Danger Rating System.

Together with our sister companies in the USA at Advanced Environmental Monitoring (AEM) Group, our other technology offerings include weather forecasting, extreme weather alerting, lightning detection, automated cameras, fixed/portable weather stations, road weather information systems, and air quality sensors deployable in local and remote areas, natural landscapes with harsh environments and easily integrated with existing utility assets and infrastructure.

Our mission is to make it easy for our customers to be successful in their efforts to monitor, record and analyze changes in the natural environment and reduce risk exposure by enhancing safety programs.

Mosaic -

Mosaic is a North American consulting firm that focuses on the utility and oil & gas industries. We have a deep knowledge base and unique approach that uncovers the root of our clients’ workforce problems.

From competency training to ensuring end-user adoption, we lead our clients in developing every employee to their fullest potential and driving business performance.

Datch -

Datch is the first and most advanced voice AI interface optimized for gas and utility operations. The Datch Assistant allows you to replace tedious frontline work processes with intuitive, natural on-the-floor conversations allowing data entry of work orders, maintenance logs, safety reports and other records using just your voice. It is the only solution that allows teams to speed up their processes by 90% and is adaptive across workflows - from maintenance management through to safety, quality, operations, and business intelligence. Datch intelligence also allows company jargon to be used to enter and access company records in real time, whilst structuring and integrating onsite and field observations seamlessly into current ERP, CMMS and CRM systems.