New Corporate Partners July 2023

Force 5, Inc. -

Force 5’s mission is to drastically reduce human risk in a power utility with their Gatekeeper solution. Gatekeeper provides a turnkey Enterprise Visitor Management solution that combines hardware and software to automatically enforce physical-entry requirements and compliance for power utilities across North America.

Gatekeeper consolidates and automates the enforcement of physical-entry requirements for every facility in a power utility like checking security watchlists for contractors and visitors in lobbies, to validating escorts, vetting unauthorized personnel in critical spaces, and confirming safety-orientation for workers at generation and substation sites.

Force 5’s Gatekeeper is the only Visitor Management solution proven at North Americas largest power utilities to withstand the rigorous environments and the unique threats and challenges that only power utilities face while delivering situational awareness, audit readiness and advanced featureos including facial recognition among many others.

OverIT International, Inc -

OverIT supports everyday operators, engineers, and teams of technicians in fixing faults, performing preventive or emergency maintenance, and effectively inspecting assets, in mobility, in the field. HOW? Leading their customers to the Field Service of the Future thanks to their most valuable asset, the OverITNext-Gen FSM Platform. The Next-Gen FSM platform covers end-to-end the entire FSM process, andprovides the most advanced features for the smoothest integration with customers’ application map, such as CRM, ERP, Asset Management, GIS, and IoT. The platform has modules explicitly designed for Field Service Management processes and activities