New corporate partners May 2024

Arcus Power Corp

Arcus is an energy market intelligence company trusted by Global Utilities, Fortune 500 companies, cities, manufacturers and power generators alike. Arcus supports microgrids, commercial and industrial customers across all industries to reduce their operating costs and lower their carbon footprint. Arcus’ services are delivered in industry leading modular software as a service (SaaS) solutions.

Nrgstream is a customizable platform for streaming historic and real-time energy market data and analytics on one of North America’s largest power market data bases.

Pwrstream is a powerful predictive forecast and energy cost management toolkit that dynamically optimizes costs with demand response, energy price and coincident peak forecasting.

Crbnstream is a cost decision support tool for environmental and sustainability mandates, utilizing dynamic tracking and forecasting of grid and onsite emissions.

Uniquely differentiating Arcus is their proprietary technology that allows them to tailor their systems to the unique operational needs and economic demands of their clientele.

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