New Corporate Partners October 2020

Domino Highvoltage Supply -

Domino Highvoltage Supply is a Canadian-owned power-line distributor that has provided power-relat­ed products and services since 2005. Beginning last year, Domino has implemented massive changes in its infra­structure and a bunch of exciting new projects.

The Fort McMurray project undertaken by the company in 2019 (see the May 2019 issue of Business in Focus) has reached 100 percent completion and the newly-built transmission lines are fully energized; now, Domino is in the first half of its next major project called the Ontario East-West Tie Line, which is set to run from Thunder Bay, Ontario along the lake toward Wawa.

This is a billion-dollar-plus project for former parent company Quanta Services and partner Valard Construction, with Domino supplying all necessary materials on the job (akin to its role in the Fort McMurray project). The company is also involved heavily in bidding on its next major project, “Watay,” which is another billion-dollar project for Quanta and Valard.

Domino purchased 'All Power Products', a tool distributor for power line businesses in Edmonton, Alberta last year as well. This move was a continuation of the company’s diversification into the high voltage testing market, as it has begun providing gloves, blankets, tools, and safety material for linemen, as well as a one of a kind tool and specialized equipment rentals.

Grant Lockhart, president of Domino, sees this as a “good nor­malizer for cash flow throughout the year” and the diversifica­tion has been a big boost to business due to a sizable need for these products and services in Canada. The company has invested well over a million dollars into its own equipment to keep up with clients' requirements and keep turn-around times as low as possible.

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For close to 15 years, METSCO has been working with power companies across the world to harness the value of their assets and operations. Our team enhances strategic and on-the-ground decision-making through expert engineering, asset management, auditing, field testing and corporate consultancy. We help companies keep equipment and operations safely working, and find ways to improve them for the future. With a team that weaves old school expertise with new age insight, METSCO is the partner companies choose to mitigate risks, avoid breakdowns and keep customers satisfied.

Using data collected in-field, we look at the big picture, while covering the granular detail internal teams don’t have time to. From developing strategic, long term solutions, to delving into years of historical data - we can wear both hats, and change them when needed.

Armed with a team of qualified Professional Engineers, former utility employees and data scientists, METSCO is trusted with the most pressing engineering, asset management and corporate strategy objectives of some of the largest utility networks. Our founders and experienced consultants have sat in the roles they advise on for years, and our young team members get data and strive to innovate - our clients get a perfect synergy of the two.

Improving quality, maintaining safety, and optimizing asset performance is the common goal on METSCO projects, helping clients enhance equipment lifespans, safety and profitability, and in turn boosting customer experience. At METSCO, we’re just as much at home in the field carrying out electrical testing and analyzing asset data, as we are building move-forward strategies with key decision makers in the boardroom.

Why trust METSCO? Because we understand the everyday and long-term goals power companies are working towards. We know what needs to be done, and we help them get there.