Statement by Electricity Canada on the draft Clean Electricity Regulations

Canadians want electricity that is clean, affordable and reliable. Canada’s electricity providers want this as well. Now that the draft Clean Electricity Regulations (CERs) have finally been released, electricity providers and government can continue the conversation about how we can build the electricity grid to meet the needs of Canadians in 2035 and beyond.

Our chief concern with the Clean Electricity Regulations is that they need to be flexible to enable us to get power to Canadians when they need it. Important considerations include:

  • How the provisions for peak demand times will work, including across fleets of generating plants.
  • How co-generation plants would be treated.
  • Evaluating the prescribed life of an asset, and determining how long something built under the previous regulations should be allowed to operate.

Over the coming months, Electricity Canada and its members will engage with government and other stakeholders to ensure the Clean Electricity Regulations will meet the needs of Canadians.

Canada has one of the cleanest electricity systems in the world. Canada’s electricity sector is ready to get to building. To do this, we need to ensure that the Clean Electricity Regulations offer sufficient flexibility to meet the needs of Canadians everywhere.

-Francis Bradley, President and CEO, Electricity Canada

About Electricity Canada:
Founded in 1891, Electricity Canada (formerly the Canadian Electricity Association) is the national forum and voice of the evolving and innovative electricity business in Canada. The Association supports, through its advocacy efforts, the regional, national, and international success of its members. Electricity Canada members generate, transmit, and distribute electrical energy to industrial, commercial, residential, and institutional customers across Canada. Members include integrated electric utilities, independent power producers, transmission and distribution companies, power marketers, and system operators, who together deliver electricity to all Canadians, in every province and territory.

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