The Canadian Electricity Association Celebrates National Lineworker Appreciation Day

OTTAWA (July 9 2021) – Every year on July 10th the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) recognizes lineworkers across Canada who ensure the power flowing into our homes and communities is safe, sustainable and reliable. Lineworkers are highly trained to work efficiently, safely, and collaboratively to keep the lights on, often in extreme weather conditions. This is the second year that Canadians have navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, electricity companies again recognize the essential nature of lineworkers in powering Canadian’s lives at home, through work and school.

“The electricity sector has gone above and beyond to ensure the safety and well-being of Canadians during COVID-19. Lineworkers in the field have allowed us all to safely work and study from home and stay connected to our families and friends during these difficult times,” comments President and CEO of the CEA, Francis Bradley. “Lineworkers are also integral to the reliability of our grid as we continue to face the devastating effects of climate change including the recent wildfires and other inclement weather.”

As equity, diversity, and inclusion in the electricity sector continues to be a large priority, in 2021 CEA launched the “Advancing Women in Skilled Trades: Best Practices Guidance Document”, which provides baseline recommendations for member companies as they journey towards gender diversity and inclusion in skilled trades staff including lineworkers.

Women make up less than 10% of Canadian skilled trade workers. During a period of time when there is a nation-wide push to build new infrastructure, and while a shortage of qualified talent exists, this unequal gender representation in the trades must be addressed for both business and societal reasons. By updating recruitment practices, ensuring appropriate tools and equipment, building support networks and development mentorship opportunities, electricity companies will continue to see the growth in skilled trades.

July 10th, companies across Canada will recognize their lineworkers and thank them for the essential nature of their trade.

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