The Canadian Electricity Association Honours ENMAX with the Sustainable Electricity Company Designation™

Ottawa (November 13, 2019) - The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) announced today that ENMAX achieved the Sustainable Electricity Company™ designation, at a meeting of the Association’s Board of Directors in Ottawa. ENMAX’s focus on people, power and community does not just mean improvements within the company. It also means helping those outside the company to be more sustainable and increase their positive impact.

In the past two years, ENMAX has focused on building innovative projects including, a network allowing for two-way power flow in the grid for their customers and upgrading their environmental and social responsibility programs to officially earn them this designation.

“We are honoured to designate ENMAX as a Sustainable Electricity Company™ and proud to recognize them as a leader in environmental management and social responsibility in this sector. Utilities like ENMAX are constantly evolving and researching ways to lessen the impact our sector has on the community and the environment,” said Francis Bradley, President and CEO of the Canadian Electricity Association. “At ENMAX, we believe that long-lasting value to our customers, communities and shareholder comes from operating in a responsible and sustainable way," said Gianna Manes, President and CEO, ENMAX. "Utilities play a vital role in sustainability leadership, and we’re honoured to receive this important designation as a sign of our commitment to responsible environmental, social and economic practices.” “This year, CEA is recognizing two Sustainable Electricity Company Designations™ and a re-designation. These designations prove the commitment our members have to integrating sustainability into their practices that ensures they are and delivering safe, secure and affordable electricity to their customers,” said Janice Garcia, CEA Corporate Secretary and Director Membership and Sustainability.

The Sustainable Electricity Company™ designation was established by CEA for Canadian utilities from coast-to-coast-to-coast to further advance the integration of sustainability considerations in company decision-making processes. The designation requires utilities to conform to the internationally-recognized ISO 14001 standard on Environmental Management Systems and ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility. Together, they provide a platform for identifying and addressing key strategic sustainability risks and opportunities related to environmental, social and economic issues. In addition, companies must pass an independent external verification.

Visit CEA’s website for more information about achieving Sustainable Electricity Company™ designation and on CEA’s mandatory Sustainable Electricity program.

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