The clock is ticking for Canada’s green electricity grid

Electricity Canada’s State of the Electricity Industry report highlights the need to get moving toward Net Zero

Ottawa (March 30) - A new report states that the electrification of Canada needs to move from discussion to action in order to achieve the government of Canada’s plan to make Canada’s electrical grid green by 2035.

Electricity Canada’s fourth annual State of the Canadian Electricity Industry report explains that under the government’s “Net Zero by 2050” initiative, Canada’s electricity providers are being asked to make substantial improvements to Canada’s electricity grid so that it produces two to three times the amount of electricity for Canada to become carbon neutral. Additionally, the government has set a target for Canada’s grid to be Net Zero by 2035, a mere 13 years away. All of which accelerates both the investment required and the critical need to get policy right.

The report cautions that, while the federal government has been announcing aspirational targets and commitments, the electricity industry is still waiting for important details that will enable them to begin work on building the infrastructure necessary to meet a 2035 deadline. A recent discussion paper by the government mostly asked questions about how it might shape future policy, engaging in further discussion at a time when the electricity providers desperately need to start building.

The report also highlights the need to scale up new technologies, back research and modernize the regulatory rules in which the industry operates.

The report is available on the Electricity Canada website and is being presented at the GLOBE Forum 2022 in Vancouver on March 30.


“Canada’s Net Zero policy commits the country to ending its reliance on fossil fuels by 2050. To do that, we need a non-emitting electricity grid doubling its output by 2035. But you can’t just flick a switch and suddenly have a greener grid. While Canada has the advantage of already having one of the cleanest electricity grids in the world, there is still much to be planned and built – and soon. Canada’s electricity providers are ready to get to work.”

Francis Bradley, CEO, Electricity Canada

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