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Brazeau Hydro Pumped Storage

Innovation in Canadian electricity generation works like a ‘rechargeable battery’

The proposed Brazeau Hydro Pumped Storage project works like a rechargeable battery, storing water for renewable generation when demand is low.

Just like recharging a battery, the water is pumped up from the lower reservoir and stored in the upper reservoir. When demand is high, the system is reversed and gravity is used to generate renewable electricity.

Brazeau Hydro currently generates 355 megawatts of power, and with the expansion of pumped storage, could more than double in generation size.

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Leading Canadian Hydro Innovation

  • Creating local jobs and investing more than $1.8 billion dollars in Alberta’s economy – made in Alberta, for Alberta
  • Power to your homes and businesses with renewable generation
  • Supports the power grid when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine – backstopping intermittent renewable sources
  • Investing in the future – long-term renewable generation with a 100+ year life span
  • Ensuring competitive electricity costs to support provincial economic growth

Clean power future

Expanding Brazeau Hydro by up to 900 MW could result in significant reduction to our carbon footprint in Alberta. This includes:

  • Removing over 200 million tonnes of greenhouse gases over the project life.
  • Enough clean power to remove the equivalent of over 465,000 cars removed from the road.

Possible to more than double hydro generation in Alberta – with one project

Generating 900 MW of renewable power in any given hour is enough to power the equivalent of one major city like Calgary or Edmonton.

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“We are focused on innovation and reinvention of an entirely different magnitude. This is the kind of innovation that has supported TransAlta decade after decade, and it is a return to our hydro roots. Brazeau would be the largest hydro facility of its kind in Canada.”

Dawn Farrell, President & CEO, TransAlta

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