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Intelligent Street Lights

ATCO continually researches new and emerging technologies with the goal of improving the lives of their customers – this was the basis behind a recent intelligent street light pilot project in Lloydminster, Alberta. ATCO partnered with the City of Lloydminster to evaluate the performance of a light on demand system incorporating motion sensing technology and integrated wireless lighting controls.

This system is unique as it delivers light on-demand rather than commonly used scheduled adaptive dimming or dusk to dawn operations.

This means street lights dim to lower levels during off-peak hours, but automatically brighten when the presence of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians are detected. Energy consumption, emissions and light pollution are all reduced as a result.

With this system, traffic moves in a safe circle of light as the integrated wireless control system enables communication between the street lights – the first light detects motion, brightens and then signals the proceeding lights to brighten before traffic approaches.

The dimming and brightening action happens seamlessly, well ahead of a vehicle’s headlights.

The pilot wrapped up at the end of April 2018, and the evaluation of results is currently underway.

The intelligent street light system is expected to deliver meaningful reductions in emissions, consumption and light pollution, all while maintaining safe lighting levels.

Traditional Approach: Scheduled adaptive dimming and dusk to dawn operations.

ATCO Innovation: Light on-demand / dynamic dimming street lights.

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