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Network System Monitoring & Control

Toronto Hydro is constantly looking for ways to better monitor its equipment in an effort to improve reliability, asset management, and customer service. Most recently, it is implementing a Network System Condition Monitoring and Control program throughout the secondary network system in Toronto.

This program will allow for the remote monitoring and control of secondary network equipment assets in real time.

At the same time, Distribution Grid Operations will be able to live monitor assets and receive instant alarms if issues arise at the network vaults. In addition, the Asset Management group will be able to trend asset conditions over the life of the asset (e.g. load, oil temperature and level) to anticipate any issues, that would not otherwise be apparent.

This program includes equipping existing assets with sensors as well as installing a fibre optic communication infrastructure to allow for communication with these distribution assets. The installation is occurring in phases with the communication system being installed first, followed by the equipment sensors and vault monitoring hardware.

This equipment will deliver expected benefits such as remote monitoring of vaults, accurate recorded data, and reduced exposure to vault entry by field workers. This program is in the implementation phase and some stations have had equipment installed and are in the testing phase, with expected commissioning next year at these facilities.

Toronto Hydro plans to finish the commissioning of all core network vaults by 2025.

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