Lifesaving Award

Accepting applications for the 2024 Lifesaving Award. Please apply by August 31, 2024.

Introduced in 1922, these awards are granted annually to any employee of an Electricity Canada member utility who was involved in a lifesaving attempt or acted to prevent further harm to someone who needed immediate help.

Past Recipients

Nb power


Jason McKellar, Pat Daigle, Josh McClellan, Grant Donnelly, Hunter Smith, Pierre Luc Larouche, Jean Michel Legace, Stephen Daley, Samuel Saulnier, Dave Jalbert, Luc Gallant

Two New Brunswick Power employees fell from a broken pole while repairing damaged equipment after an ice storm. In difficult weather conditions, the crew performed CPR and guided paramedics to the accident site. Unfortunately, one of the fallen employees succumbed to his injuries. However, the other injured worker was able to be rescued thanks to the actions of his crew members.

Hydro Quebec EV


Annie Martin

During the recent forest fires in Northern Quebec last July, a convoy of four vehicles was sent to rescue a group of firefighters who became trapped at a Hydro-Québec power plant. However, on the way there, the convoy was directly surrounded by the wildfires, and they were forced to stop. After hearing the convoy’s cries for help via radio, Annie, who is a nurse and health counselor at Hydro-Québec and her team were sent to rescue the convoy. Once they found them, Annie and her team immediately began treating the convoy members’ injuries and arranged for their transportation to local hospitals. Annie also coordinated the long-term medical treatment and psychological support for all of those affected by the incident – including the 11 firefighters, who were eventually rescued after the smoke had cleared.

Fortis alberta


Dwain Hausherr

Dwain witnessed a half-ton truck lose control while rounding a corner on the highway just outside of Drayton Valley. Dwain pulled over to call 911 and immediately made his way to the crash site. The victim was frightened, bleeding, and trapped in the confined space of his rolled-over truck. Dwain was able to cut his seat belt and get the man out of the vehicle. He remained calm and stayed with the victim until emergency services arrived.

Fortis alberta


Justin Roberts

Justin was one of the first on scene to a motor vehicle accident involving a motorcyclist who had hit a deer. Justin administered first aid to the victim and keeping him calm. He was able to control severe bleeding and stabilize the victim’s neck and body while 911 was called by bystanders.

Bc hydro power smart


Paul Lu, Chris Browning, Ryan McKay, Pat McMinn, Greg Kitt, Mike Sawatsky, Dave Thomas, James Cotter

After witnessing the crash of a micro-lite glider pilot, the transmission crew set off on foot to search for the pilot. The crew located him and removed him from the wreckage. They assisted first responders in transporting the pilot to an awaiting ambulance via helicopter.



Jason Elliot

While driving to a work site south of Sudbury, Jason stopped at the scene of an accident where a minivan had left the highway at a high rate of speed. Jason immediately ran to the wreckage and was able to pull the lone survivor from the vehicle and provide first aid.

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Accepting applications for the 2024 Lifesaving Award.
Please apply by August 31, 2024.

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