Introduced in 1922, these awards are granted annually to any employee of an Electricity Canada member utility who was involved in a lifesaving attempt or acted to prevent further harm to someone who needed immediate help.

Past Recipients



Enzo Napoli

While on shift at the OPG International Control Dam, a woman intentionally jumped into the dam. Enzo immediately closed the gates, called 911, and pulled the woman away from further danger with a life vessel. He stayed with her, and ensured she was safe, until police and paramedics arrived.

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Darren Banks, Mitchell Vautour, James Jordon, Ben Hambrook

While on shift at the Mactaquac Dam, Darren, Mitchell, James, and Ben performed life saving measures to save a man who was attempting to jump off a bridge into the dam.

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Darrell Kalthoff

While returning from shift at Access 8 at P52E Highway #9, Darrell was in a truck alone when he spotted an elderly man in a ditch. The man, whose truck had become stuck in snow, was attempting to walk home in -30-degree weather. Darrell performed lifesaving measures, such as first aid and hypothermia prevention, before returning him home.

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Jaycee Grandy, Greg Higdon, Chad Jefford

While returning from shift, Jaycee, Greg, and Chad were the first to come across the scene of a motor vehicle collision that had resulted in several injuries. The four employees took action to transfer the injured into their hydro trucks, and immediately began administering first aid until first responders arrived.


For further information, please contact Natasha Honey, Electricity Canada's Officer, Safety and HR Program.