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Issue 27 - March 2021

Canada’s Net Zero Future

The Canadian Institute for Climate Choices released its report “Canada’s Net Zero Future” in February, which looks at potential pathways to Net Zero for Canada. The report is a robust piece of research that provides clear analysis of where opportunities for Canada are and what steps are needed. In particular, the report makes a distinction between existing and commercially proven technologies (“safe bets”) and emerging ones where more work is needed (“wildcards”). It emphasizes that each need distinct policy responses but are important to pursue with seriousness. “Safe bets” alone allow Canada to reach 2030 climate targets; “wild cards” will be needed for 2050. For the electricity sector, the report highlights the challenges of building out to meet future needs, including with existing regulatory frameworks.

Other stories

  • CEA Comments on the Announcement of the U.S.-Canada Partnership Roadmap
  • Net Zero Advertising Campaign
  • State of the Industry YouTube Premiere
  • CEA Presents: An International Women’s Day Podcast TAKEOVER
  • Kids Talk Electricity: Episode 7
  • Energy Affordability: What lies ahead?
  • CEA Releases New Data Handbook
  • Coffee Talks with Shahrzad Simab
  • CEA’s Customer Council Launches New E-Billing Report
  • SIPC Q1 Meeting
  • CEA Welcomes a New Corporate Partner
  • Opus One Solutions Announces Additions to the Leadership Team: Primed for Global Growth and Scale
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Issue 26 - February 2021

U.S. Electricity Policy Outlook Webinar

For over 100 years, Canada and the United States have shared a robust and mutually beneficial electricity trade and cooperation relationship. CEA looks forward to continuing to work with the electricity and policy community on both sides of the border to help Canada and the United States meet shared climate and economic goals. Together, we will continue to ensure reliable, affordable, and increasingly clean energy to customers.

On January 28th, CEA was pleased to host a U.S. Electricity Policy Outlook Webinar for members and corporate partners, featuring experts from global law firm Dentons. Panelists discussed the landscape in the U.S. as the new Biden Administration and Congress begin to work on energy and economic policy goals for 2021, including a goal from the Biden Administration to achieve decarbonization of the U.S. electricity sector by 2035.

Key takeaways included on-the-ground insights into the potential energy, climate, trade and security outlooks for 2021, and what they may mean for the Canada-U.S. electricity relationship and members’ business.

Other stories

  • Flux Capacitor Episode 028: Sheryl Riggs, communications and technology for utilities in uncertain times
  • Ready to Respond: The Electricity Sector and Evolving Cyber Threats
  • Powering a nation part one: Where Canada’s electricity comes from
  • CEA Conversation Series Webinar Library
  • CEA Welcomes Four New Corporate Partners
  • Power Marketers Council Q1 Meeting
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Issue 25 - January 2021

CEA Celebrates Electricity Innovation

Every year, the Canadian Electricity Association tells the story of innovation and ingenuity through the Centre of Excellence (CoE). CoE highlights the transformational progress in how electricity yields economic, social and environmental benefits for all Canadians, and will continue to do so, for years to come. In 2020, we added a collection of 19 new projects from 14 members across Canada. Since launching in 2018, we have added 75 new innovations to the Centre of Excellence. From transmission line drones, to a provincially connected EV charging network, to a microgrid operational during wildfire season, these game-changing inventions and their project managers are featured in CEA’s newest interview series “The Future is Now.” Stay tuned to our social media throughout the winter to catch a glimpse of these electrifying stories and our members behind them.

Other stories

  • Clean Electricity Essential to Net-Zero – The Canadian Electricity Association comments on new federal Climate Plan
  • The Canadian Electricity Industry Takes Steps to Accelerate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • CEA Contributes to the Small Modular Reactor Action Plan
  • CEA responds to Federal Government Hydrogen Strategy
  • National Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Residential and Commercial & Industrial
  • Electricity Sector’s Resilience a Result of Safety-First Culture
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