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Electrification of Transportation

Revolutionizing the transportation of tomorrow

By developing innovative battery and motor technologies for EVs, setting up a network of public charging stations and producing clean, renewable power, Hydro-Québec is actively involved in the electrification of transportation. In Hydro-Québec’s view, promoting electric transportation supports decarbonization efforts in Québec.

Canada’s first public charging network

The Electric Circuit is Canada’s first public charging network for EVs. It offers both 240-volt and 400-volt charging stations throughout Québec and in Eastern Ontario.

It has rapidly expanded to many regions of Québec and continues to expand into new urban areas. There are now close to 2,000 stations.

The Act to promote the establishment of a public fast-charging service for electric vehicles was passed in June of last year. This new legislation authorizes Hydro-Québec to use revenue from the increase in electricity sales generated by charges carried out primarily at electric vehicle drivers’ homes to fund the installation of more fast-charge stations. Electricity rates will therefore not be affected.

The Electric Circuit has announced that fast-charging stations will be deployed more quickly starting this year with the rollout of approximately one hundred new fast-charging stations. Over the next 10 years, 1,600 new fast-charging stations will be deployed across Québec.

In addition, Natural Resources Canada provided a first phase of financial assistance for the project.

Drivers can now travel worry-free, knowing they can top up their batteries on the road if needed.

Capital Power

Advancing Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)

Hydro Ottawa

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